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Our History

Our History

Freeway Construction believes the difference between a good project and a great one is in its execution.  To provide clients with superior value-added construction management services.  Freeway Construction employs a proactive project management approach coupled with a comprehensive set of core capabilities.  From pre-construction and design-build services to safety and quality management programs.  Forrester’s core capabilities surpass industry standards.

At Freeway, we believe in building positive, long-lasting relationships with our subcontractors.  We attribute our success to the qualified subcontractors and suppliers that have joined our team through the years.  We expect quality and productivity from our subcontractors an in turn, they can expect a well-managed project and timely payment for fulfilling their commitments.

We have established a strategic goal team led by top managers that is solely dedicated to building subcontractor relations.  This group initiates meet and greet lunches with potential and existing subcontractors, ensures that subcontractors are pre-qualified and invited to bid on projects that fit their strengths and market focus, and seeks valuable input from subcontractors.

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